So I’ve leveled up a bit.

So I’ve leveled up a bit.

I started this blog two years ago. Many of the posts are private self-reflection, but it’s time to recap publicly.

I got married:


If you’d like to know how long it takes for one’s spouse to get a green card, think about how long I’ve had this blog, and there you go.

I got my haircut.


I look way cooler now.

I started a business.


It’s launching beta this month. I had to learn the tax implications of paying people in Bitcoin. It’s a thing.

I went viral. Kinda.

Reddit redesigned its site and the Change My View team had thoughts. Hacker News took an interest.

I was interviewed by the Atlantic.

Our team has been interviewed a lot, actually.

I improved my pro bono footprint.

No links here, just glad that I’ve taken part in more pro bono work and happy to be part of a team that values and encourages racking up volunteer hours.