Change A View / Change My View Projects, Media and Research.


CMV and CAV have partnered with Jigsaw’s Perspective API for moderation tools research.


This is a compilation of media in which Change A View and Change My View have been mentioned.

  1. BBC, “Change A View: One Scottish man’s idea to fix the broken world of online debate,” June 2019.
  2., “Reddit’s wonderful “Change My View” forum launches its own independent website,” April 2019.
  3. Engadget, “Reddit’s ‘Change My View’ community becomes a dedicated site (It even has the backing of Alphabet’s tech incubator),” April 2019.
  4. Wired Magazine, “‘Change My View’ Reddit Community Launches Its Own Website,” April 2019.
  5. Buzzfeed News, “After The Proliferation Of The New Zealand Shooting Video, Reddit Has Banned Two Channels Showing Human Death,” March 2019. (note: CMV was not one of the banned subreddits.)
  6. PC Magazine, “Jigsaw Chrome Extension Tunes Out Internet Toxicity,” March 2019.
  7. The Atlantic, “Civil Discourse Exists in This Small Corner of the Internet,” December 2018.
  8. New York Times, “How to Be More Empathetic,” January 2019.
  9. Rationally Speaking Podcast, “Kal Turnbull on Change My View,” April 2018.
  10. Wired Magazine, “Our Best Hope for Civil Discourse Online Is on … Reddit,” January 2018.
  11. NPR, “Change My View On Reddit Helps People Challenge Their Own Opinions,” January 2017.
  12. Washington Post, “How to change someone’s mind, according to science,” February 2016
  13. You Are Not So Smart Podcast, “The Backfire Effect,” June 2011.


The subreddit has a Wiki for all research mentioning CMV.