I wrote a cooking launchpad for fitness newbies.

Munchies for Meatheads: a Fitness Cooking Launchpad

I see a lot of threads where people want to eat better; they want to eat better because they are getting into fitness, and; they have no idea where to start in their kitchen.

You can eat better outside of your kitchen, but usually the trade-off is knowing less about your macros (protein, carbohydrates, fats) and its preparation (how much cooking oil, etc.) You don’t know how much a typical portion is or if you’re eating that typical portion. So, it’s doable, but harder, and if you’re just starting, you’re probably also guesstimating these things incorrectly.

Enter Munchies for Meatheads, a name I chose solely for the alliteration. I did my best to demystify the biggest barriers to entering the kitchen — namely, how to use MyFitnessPal to accurately track calories, which cookware you need to prepare most recipes, and some of the must-have stuff (e.g., spices) for your cupboard to create pretty tasty stuff without having to break the bank.

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